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Grab Handles & Rails

Telescoping and Single Grip Grab Rails


Installs and removes without any tools or professional installation
Lightweight and portable
Manufactured using the highest quality commercial grade rubber and are the strongest
on the market today
Works great on smooth, flat, non-porous surfaces such as:

  • Glass
  • Fiberglass
  • Ceramic Tiles (5″ or greater diameter)
  • Acrylic


How much weight will Portable Grab hold?
The Single Grip Portable Grab Bar has been tested to hold up to 200lbs (90.9 kgs)

Will these Portable Grab Bars work on tile?
Yes, Bridge Medical Portable Grab Bars will hold securely to most smooth, flat non-porous tiles The hold will sometimes diminish on natural stone and porous tiles
Please note: The Suction Cups must not overlap with grout lines
Caution: You should always verify that the tiles you are attaching to are firmly attached to the wall board and not loose or in disrepair

Can I use these Portable Grab Bars on drywall
or wallpaper?
Our Portable Grab Bars are not recommended for use on drywall, wall board, wall paper, wood paneling, plaster or any other porous surface when being used for safety or support of a human While they may appear to hold for a short time, the suction will diminish quickly and may not provide the necessary pull strength when you need it