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Leg Elevation Wedge


Leg Elevation Wedge is designed to promote and improve circulation as well as vascular drainage of the leg area while providing first grade support, softness and gentle pressure distribution to the area.



  • Leg Elevation Wedge offers an exceptional quality medical grade memory foam together with a wedge cover surface that feels like your “second skin”.
  • Softness and support with consideration to patients who are at risk of pressure area ulcers that appear when patient spends time being immobile.
  • Suitable for patients suffering from incontinence and other excessive bodily fluid loss.
  • Also offers positioning for elevation of the heel areas for pressure sore prevention.
  • The elevation wedge is perfect for access and aeration during injury care & recovery.
  • Beneficial in relieving lower back pain and painful swollen legs.


Width: 50cm
Length: 60cm
Height: 20cm