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Same great features as the standard
Shopper 12 (above) with the addition of a larger
seat and removable armrests

Hire: $160 for 4 weeks’ hire


The Breezy Basix 2 is a lightweight aluminium, folding wheelchair, suitable for a wide range of users


The Escape Lite has a foldable aluminium frame making it extremely lightweight.
Specially designed for ease of transportation and compact storage, it is an ideal chair for on-the-go use.
Suitable for both indoors and out, it gives you flexibility wherever you go.
In addition to being lightweight, these attendant-propelled chairs offer both comfort and practicality.
With a full-length armrest, padded flame retardant upholstery and detachable swing-away footrests, they provide all the basic comfort necessities.
Peace of mind and low maintenance are provided by the puncture-proof tyres.
An adjustable seat belt provides safety when in transit.


Reinforced heavy duty frame
Removable leg rests
Available in 20″ (51cm) and 22″ (56cm) seat widths

Hire: $160* for 4 weeks’ hire


The Link is suitable for full-time use and is designed for maximum practicality
Key features include a height adjustable backrest for tailored support and a half-folding back to make reaching for objects behind you easier
For comfort, safety and convenience, the Link is fitted with swing-back and detachable armrests, an angle adjustable footplate, and a heel strap
Extra lightweight, non-rusting, aluminium frame to ensure it’s extremely easy to handle quick-release removable wheels to reduce weight and make the chair easier to lift and store
Angle adjustable footplate with heel strap
Puncture proof tyres

Hire: $120 for 4 weeks’ hire


With an ultra lightweight alloy frame, which easily folds and dismantles without any tools, the Swift wheelchair is perfect for occasional use Designed for days in or out, it’s ideal for taking on trips, leaving at relatives’ homes, or even storing in the cupboard so it’s there in case you need it The compact design of the Swift makes it very  easy to use indoors, making light work of tight  turns such as those commonly found in cafes and shops
When folded, the Swift takes up very little room

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Hire: $120 for 4 weeks’ hire


With an ultra lightweight aluminium frame, which easily folds and dismantles without any tools, the Swift wheelchair is perfect for occasional use

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Ex-Hire 16″ Days Swift Transit Wheelchair for 
SALE: $200
 (one available)


Aluminium Frame
Nylon Upholstery
Retractable & removable armrests (height and depth)
Height & Angle Adjustable front castor
Retractable, removable footrests
Adjustable rear axle for optimal positioning
Adjustable angle & height footplates
Adjustable tension backrest and seat

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The Maclaren Major Buggy Stroller Model is a convenient special needs stroller buggy for children to small adults
This special needs stroller will comfortably carry a large child yet fold up to the size of an oversized umbrella
With footrest removed it folds to 10″x10″x44″ for compact storage
The Maclaren Major Buggy Stroller stores in most airline overhead compartments

Hire: $120 for 4 weeks’ hire

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