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The Folding Reflective Walking Cane/Stick Holder reduces the need to place your walking stick or cane on the ground. It rests onto the edge of a table, enabling you to securely balance the stick into place against the table edge. When the cane is in use, the holder can be folded up the shaft of the walking stick, with the reflective design improving safety of use at night.

It is easy to use and provides effective storage and balancing for your mobility support when it is not required.


Spring loaded plastic holder clamps onto walking stick
Enables the walking stick to be held upright on table edge
Foam pad assists surface grip
Easily fitted to and removed from most walking sticks


Nylon woven wrist strap attaches to neck of walking stick
Prevents the stick from being accidentally dropped
Allows the user to freely utilise both hands while keeping the stick close and accessible
Elastic loop fits most walking sticks


Features a four point base to provide extra
stability, comes standard with soft foam
hand grip and is fully height adjustable

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