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Lightweight, flexible, polythene sheet plastic gutter to assist in pulling on socks or stockings
Designed for those who have difficulty bending or reaching
Side notches hold the sock or stocking securely

Directions for use:
The stocking or sock is fed on to the plastic and held in place with the side notches
The foot is put in the open end of the stocking, which is then pulled over the foot and up the leg using the tapes


Once you try the JOBST® Stocking Donner, you’ll never want to use anything else

  • A plastic coated metal stocking applicator to assist in putting on compression or surgical stockings.
  • The frame has foam covered handles.
  • The frame will hold the stocking/sock sufficiently open to allow the foot to be inserted.
  • The stocking still needs to be fed over the frame using the hands but may eliminate prolonged bending to reach the feet.
  • Reduces bending.
  • Is simple to use.
  • Lightweight construction.

View >> JOBST stocking donner instruction video


Designed by nurses for nurses, carers and patients
Strong and slippery on both sides
Quick and easy to use
No more trauma to skin
Washable and quick drying

Download >> stocking-applicator-instructions


The Soxon™ is designed for those with reduced movement in the back, hip or knee joints
The sock is placed over the soft fabric sleeve and using the looped handles, the sock is easily pulled on
Fully washable
Can be used for tights as well

Length: 32cm
Width: 15cm
Length of handles: 68cm


A stocking aid which will apply support hosiery quickly and evenly
Grooves catch the compression stocking and prevent it from popping off
Works like a traditional sock aid – just pull the stocking over the shell, insert the foot and pull
the cord to bring the hose up onto the leg
Suitable for Class 1 and 2 stockings
Recommended for below knee stockings but may still be suitable for some above knee model

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Hire: $32* for the first four weeks

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