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Inflatable rubber air cushion ring
Air pressure can be adjusted to suit individual user requirements
Ideal for post-op problems, coccyx haemorroids, etc.


Do you find that your lower back sometimes hurts after sitting for a long time?
You may be putting too much pressure on your coccyx and lower back discs
The angle of this seat wedge, commits one to good posture
It is designed to tilt the pelvis forward and assists to relieve lower back load
It helps to maintain a normal lumbar curve when sitting and is compact and lightweight, so youcan take it anywhere

The outer covering is made from a texturised nylon fabric, which has a very high resistance to abrasion and wear and is treated to be rot resistant and impervious to fungal attack


Promotes proper posture by enabling longer periods of sitting
Supports the back from underneath
Added benefit of a cut-out area relieving pressure on the tailbone and anal area


A premium density pressure-relief
cushion made from memory foam with a special inner core of heavy density traditional foam
Gently absorbs pressure and ‘holds’ the user securely and comfortably
Ideal as a wheelchair cushion or regular seating
The diffuser Cushion is designed to lower pressure and shear forces
Provide stability and comfort on chairs
Have an absorbent and breathable surface
It can be easily cleaned and sterilised
It is afforable, light-weight, compact and durable
Made from all-new 100% open cell ‘breathing’
urethane foam and visco-elastic memory foam


Provides comfort and assists in the prevention of pressure build-up in the elbow area
Manufactured from millions of silicone coated cylindrical hollow cored fibres
Silicone coating acts as a lubricant to eliminate friction and reduce shear forces
Adjustable velcro securing straps to suit individual requirements
Internal seams are carefully positioned to avoice creating pressure points
Soft breathable cotton cover
Machine washable
One size fits all


The maintenance free range of EquaGel cushions are designed to relieve pressure and provide comfort
Ideal for anyone in need of a low-profile comfortable cushion
Comes with a fluid resistant, flame retardant, vapour permeable cover with hook and-loop sections on base for wheelchair security
12 degrees cooler than inflatable cushions which creates a more comfortable seating solution for patients

To Hire:
$40 per week, two week minimum


A contoured cushion that acts to relieve pressure in the vulnerable
coccyx /ischial tuberosity area
Comes with a fluid resistant, vapour permeable cover with hook and loop sections on base of cushion for attaching to a wheelchair

To Hire:
$40 per week, two week minimum


Dual purpose pressure care item
As a Heel Holder it allows the foot to be elevated off the bed, allowing air to circulate freely around the heel
If required, some soft padding can be put under the ankle to prevent pressure around the ankle
This item is also helpful when changing feet dressings as a second nurse is not required to hold the foot
As a Head Holder it suports weak neck muscles whilst eating and reclining
It provides a sturdy support to ensure the neck is kept in a comfortable position

Washing: hand or machine wash only, up to 80°CDo not tumble dry or wring – air dry only


Shear Comfort® Heel Protectors provide unencumbered security and protection for the at risk heel and ankle areas
The thick wool redistributes pressure and reduces shear while the heat and water vapour dissipation qualities provide
added skin protection and ensure comfort in use

Download full Sheer Comfort brochure


High density cushion with a symmetrical apeture
Designed for post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx
The Keyhole Cushion uses the anatomically desirable 9 degree seating angle, which encourages correct pelvic tilt to reduce pressure on the lumbar discs, thus minimising potential back problemsand other painful conditions


Designed for post natal or post operative discomfort, haemorrhoids, bruised coccyx and other painful conditions


Elevates and smoothes aching legs, aids circulation
Recommended for varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, during pregnancy and convalescing
Six optional comfort positions for supporting lower limbs
Provides even weight distribution
Recommended for varicose veins, swollen feet and ankles, tired legs, during pregnancy,convalescing and heart conditions
Made from all-new 100% open cell breathing urethane foam
Available in either Dura-Fab or soft ‘leather look’ vinyl versions

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