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New nebuliser with non-spill system
Sturdy and silent
Effective treatment of the entire respiratory tract
Reciprocating piston compressor nebuliser
It can be used to administer any medication for aerosol therapy
Piston Compressor Aerosol Therapy Unit Includes
Adult & Child Mask, Connection Hose, Rf6 basic nebuliser & Mouthpiece

Max Press: 2.5 bar approx
Air Output: 10 L/Minute approx, Rf6 Basic
Min capacity: 2ml, Max: 8ml
Weight 1.3kg
Particle % < 5 micron
Air purified by professional filter
Convenient accessory compartment that is hygienically separated from the storage compartment
3 year warranty
Works off 230 volts
Made in Italy



Tri-balls incentive spirometer is a breathing exerciser which is a flow-oriented device, provides an indirect indicator of the patient’s inspired volume. It can be used to help strengthen respiratory musculature and to help restore and maintain lung capacity by encouraging slow, deep breathing.

$293.00 $200.00

Therapeutically efficacious
Rapid nebulisation
Constructed to safety standards
Includes child’s mask and
12V dc adaptor for use in a car
Made in Italy

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