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  • Abri-Flex Pull-Up Pants use super-soft nonwoven material which ensures optimum comfort and the feeling of wearing normal underwear
  • Elastic threads and optimised fit make Abri-Flex Premium a secure and flexible product offering improved leakage protection
  • The efficient 3D Dual Core is constructed for a more discreet fit with no bulkiness in the front and back
  • Users feel dry thanks to the Top-Dry acquisition layer which allows for fast urine absorption, helping skin to stay dry and healthy
  • Leakage security is maximised through high side barriers and internal cross barriers
  • Abri-Flex Premium Pull-Ups are dermatologically tested and FSC certified, which means paper pulp used comes from FSC certified forests where more trees are planted than felled
  • Stay Active with Abri-Flex Premium…a better choice

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The polyester surface allows fluid to pass quickly via capillary action, leaving the user warm and dry A durable non-slip waterproof backing keeps the pads securely in place
Absorbent chair pads are ideal for chairs, cars and wheelchairs
Bath mats can be placed by the bed or bath to create a non-slip surface with layers that will absorb water and are easily washed and dried Tartan fabric


The Drycare Absorbent Bed Pad is designed to absorb and draw away moisture from the surface deep into it‘s fibres
RMIT Textile Testing Services tested our Drycare Absorbent Bed Pad and results showed that this product has a total capacity of 2.9 litres

Absorbent Bed Pads act as a “blotter” in the sense that they absorb and draw away moisture from the surface deep into it‘s fibres. When combined with a waterproof sheet that is placed under it, the bed pad draws moisture away from the skin holding the moisture within the sheet. The sheet itself consists of two layers of fabric, which are quilted together. The one closest to the skin is made out of brushed polyester which provides a stay dry surface whilst the second layer is made out of needled rayon/polyester. “Wings” or flaps are attached to each edge for tucking under the mattress to keep the pad in place. The wings used in the Confident Care Absorbent Bed Pads are heavy duty and constructed from polyester and cotton.


Single bed mattress cover made of waterproof Nylex
Elastic edging covers top and sides of mattress
Easy to clean


Lightweight, opaque blue PVC mattress protector with elastic loops on each corner

Flame retardant
Easy to clean: Wipe over with diluted antiseptic then wipe off with clean water. Alternatively, hand wash and rinse in clean water
Made in Australia


The Saniform pads have a waterproof, backing sheet, which is discreet and protects clothing from leakage
The top layer is a special hydrophilic (liquid penetrable), non woven layer, which ensures that the liquid is absorbed immediately
The pads contain superabsorbent polymers which absorb fluid, sealing in the wetness for maximum dryness
They are anatomical in shape and designed to adapt to body contours for maximum comfort and discretion


Light weight fully waterproof vinyl pillowcase with zip enclosure
Easy to clean


Durable washable vinyl, easy to clean
0.08mm White
Encases whole mattress with zipper closing
Protection from dust mites

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