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Do you find that your lower back sometimes hurts after sitting for a long time?
You may be putting too much pressure on your coccyx and lower back discs
The angle of this seat wedge, commits one to good posture
It is designed to tilt the pelvis forward and assists to relieve lower back load
It helps to maintain a normal lumbar curve when sitting and is compact and lightweight, so youcan take it anywhere

The outer covering is made from a texturised nylon fabric, which has a very high resistance to abrasion and wear and is treated to be rot resistant and impervious to fungal attack


With an ultra lightweight aluminium frame, which easily folds and dismantles without any tools, the Swift wheelchair is perfect for occasional use

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Ex-Hire 16″ Days Swift Transit Wheelchair for 
SALE: $200
 (one available)


The maintenance free range of EquaGel cushions are designed to relieve pressure and provide comfort
Ideal for anyone in need of a low-profile comfortable cushion
Comes with a fluid resistant, flame retardant, vapour permeable cover with hook and-loop sections on base for wheelchair security
12 degrees cooler than inflatable cushions which creates a more comfortable seating solution for patients

To Hire:
$40 per week, two week minimum

World’s most Compact and Portable Rollator

The new EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator from Stander is the perfect tool to keep you or your loved one mobile, independent, and stylish.

Quickly and easily folded into a super compact shape.  It’s also the easiest rollator for loading in and out of your car. You can even keep it next to you in the front seat.

The unique, patented design allows the EZ Fold-N-Go Rollator to fold up to a 32cm diameter.  Being made of aircraft grade aluminium it is a perfect combination of light weight, strength and durability.

It’s perfect for travelling, going to the store, eating at a restaurant, or just maneuvering those tight spaces around the house.

Full locking brakes, adjustable height handles, backrest and shopping pouch make it perfect for any user.

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A unique lightweight, robust and wear resistant reacher. Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping
Available in four lengths, with or without optional extras

Download Pick-Up Reacher instructions


The ideal mobility solution for individuals recovering from foot surgery, breaks, sprains, amputation and ulcers of the foot
Front-wheel steering provides increased manoeuvrability
Deluxe lever brake ensures safety
Tool free height adjustment
Eight inch (8″) casters are ideal for indoor/outdoor use

Hire: $25 per week (two week minimum)



Lightweight aluminium frame
Swing away removable foot rests
Swing away removable arm rests
Fold down back rest
12″ rear wheels, attendant brakes
Easy to fold for travel or storage

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The AllCare Air Walker designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains. Rocker bottom and low profile heels facilitate more nature gait pattern. New contoured strut design allows the walker frame to conform to your anatomy ensuring a better fit.

  • Four flexible plastic stays provide effective back support
  • Light breathable elastic material
  • Elastic reinforced straps for extra support
  • 8″ back height
  • Provides support to the lower back
  • Helps relieve lower back pain
  • Lumbago
  • Back Strain/Sprain

Over Toilet Aid – Treated Steel
Raised armrests assist the user transferring on and off the Over Toilet Aid
Additional height increments on one leg – Accommodates uneven surfaces
Height adjustable legs – Easy push button height adjustment for changing needs
Comfortable, contoured seat with clip on attachment – For easy assembly and cleaning.
All frames are individually treated for corrosion resistance
Removable, moulded splash guard provided – Easily removed for transport and cleaning
Durable non-slip feet – Provide excellent grip and stability in wet conditions. Stainless steel washer within enhances durability

Hire: from $40 for 4 weeks’ hire
Optional splash guard $15 


This aluminium walker is lightweight and features lockable loop lever handbrakes and soft rubber handgrips, which are easily cleaned for hygiene and maintenance
Features a curved padded backrest for comfort and a cushioned seat which lifts to allow access to the handy shopping basket
Six inch (6″) wheels ensure a small turning circle allowing ease of use indoors and outdoors
The handles are height adjustable
Front wheels swivel for greater manoeuvrability
Brakes lock for sitting
Walking frame folds easily for storage and transport

Hire: $40 for 4 weeks hire


Contoured plastic seat with drainage holes and windows – Provides postural support, improves drainage and reduces skin adhesion
Height adjustable legs – Easy push button height adjustment for changing needs
Additional height increments on one leg – Accommodates uneven surfaces
Raised armrests – Assist the user transferring on and off the chair
All frames are individually treated for corrosion resistance
Durable non-slip feet – Provide excellent grip and stability in wet conditions and a stainless steel washer within enhances durability

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