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Comfortable to wear as a brace or support cushion. Wear under or over outer clothing.
Small and large products have same-sized area, only the wraps vary in size for waist measurements


Non-segmented pillow
Use around neck and shoulders, across lower back and along spine
Can be used anywhere on the body
Very popular multi-purpose product

Dimensions: 450mm x 150mm


Helpful for headache and migraine sufferers
Very relaxing and comforting for sore eyes from tiredness, computer screen glare, driving, etc.
Use when a light weight pack is required anywhere on the body, for children, elderly or after surgery

Using the Eye Zone pack cold, by freezing them during summer, is a great way to effectively reduce:

Heat stress
Headaches and fever
Menopausal hot flushes
Discomfort from sunburn

Dimensions: 250mm x 100mm


Heat can be concentrated on the painful area
Suitable for the management of pain from symptoms of arthritis,
Lupus & Raynaud’s phenomenon
Covers hand and wrist comfortably

Dimensions: 170mm x 270mm


Segmented product, which means it is also lighter weight
Very handy size for pain in the chest, neck, shoulder, joints, arms, hands, lower back, stomach and menstrual pain relief

Dimensions: 320mm x 180mm


One size fits all
Fits snuggly and comfortably around the neck up to the hair line
The grain is concentrated to the back and sides of the neck by sewn segments
Can be worn while moving about or when traveling

Dimensions: 720mm x 170mm


Do you suffer from life’s everyday aches and pains? Is life slowing you down?
Then this is the product for you. You be the judge. Promotes an overall  anti-inflammatory effect
Money back guarantee if not satisfied
Product of Australia

Apply liberally 4 to 5 times dailyfor 7 to 10 days and thereafter as required
100% natural Ingredients: Rosemary oil, eucalyptus oil,  arnica montana flower,  emu oil, sandalwood


Multi purpose ice bag with wrap applicator to help it stay in place. Simply place the pack  over the body area you wish to cool or heat.

  • Mutli-purpose
  • For knee, thigh, groin, & other larger extremities
  • Keep hands free while applied
  • Helps maintain a desired temperature
  • Cold – Soft tissue sprains, strains, bodily scrapes, burns, headache, migraine, fever, sports injury, heat rashes etc.
  • Heat – Arthritis, muscle spasm, gout

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