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Perfect comfort and support – just what your neck and shoulders need!
Heat sensitive visco elastic memory foam Conforms to your neck and head Anatomically shaped for optimal support and comfort
Promotes proper, healthy spine alignment
Washable terry cloth cover
Hypoallergenic- comfortable even for sensitive users


Luxurious cervical neck support pillow features removable foam inserts, giving you as many as 12 adjustment options so you can create the pillow to suit your comfort needs
Designed to encourage side sleeping Visco memory foam responds to your body’s warmth and moulds and shapes to your head and neck giving your spine support
Encourages the natural alignment of your spine by providing even support
Super-soft cervical neck support pillow Comes in a ‘breathing’ open weave cover
Head and neck are cushioned and supported during sleep
Designed to help alleviate and avoid neck and shoulder stress and muscle stiffness
May assist asthma sufferers and others who require clear breathing patterns
Channels in core foam surface, combined with the open-weave inner cover, allow air to circulate, for cooler, healthier sleep
Made in Australia

All-new 100% open cell ‘breathing’  urethane foam especially treated to inhibit allergens
Any discoloration of foam through exposure to natural light will not affect performance or foam longevity

Open weave soft polyester
Place your own pillowcase over this cover.


Made from all-new 100% open cell ‘breathing’ urethane foam
Top layer of slow recovery egg foam designed to diffuse pressure on the neck
Base of heavy-density premium quality foam which cushions and absorbs movement
Family Pillow’s mild contour provides gentle support, cradling the head and neck evenly to encourage the natural curvature of the spine through the night
Helps induce restful sleep
Made in Australia


For adults and children, Peanut Pillow is soft and supportive, adjustable, compact, washable Polyester fibre fill and Poly/cotton cover
Supports the neck and head allowing the muscles to relax
Great for travelling in car, train, bus or plane, watching TV, reading and studying


Satin Beauty is mildly contoured to support the head and neck evenly, thus encouraging the correct alignment of the spine during sleep Satin Beauty is covered in superb quality silky satin  pillowcase which frees pressure to cheeks and eyes
Helps to stop those morning wrinkles! A luxuriously soft memory foam contour pillow that cradles your face, frees pressure to cheeks  and eyes, and cares for your complexion while you sleep
Traditional pillow cases don’t slip, so they continuously tug at delicate parts of the face and neck
Memory Foam is designed to diffuse pressure, spread the load
Memory Foam is a special foam with ‘forgiving’ properties to gently mould to the contours of your body
Gorgeously soft to the face, and the foam’s open-cell ‘breathing’ structure assures freshness
‘Breathing’ open-cell foam construction Specially treated with *Ultra-fresh to inhibit allergens
Features a high and a low side to give optimum comfort options
Designed for those who prefer a lower pillow It’s gentle curvature ensures your head and neck are evenly supported in perfect harmony, encouraging the natural curvature of the spine

*Ultra-fresh is an anti-bacterial, anti-allergen treatment for foam Laboratory tests show that foams, fibres and fabrics treated with Ultra-Fresh at the manufacturing stage provide effective control of house dust mites as well as controlling the growth of bacteria,  moulds, mildew and fungi – important triggers for allergenic and asthmatic responses, particularly in children
Ultra-Fresh is a proven anti microbial and anti-bacterial compound that has passed the most stringent international testing procedures for efficacy and safety


Comfortable and hygienic pillow for the travel on a train, plane, or bus. Perfect for camping and as an outdoor pillow
The temperature memory foam moulds to provide the ultimate in personalised comfort
A must for any frequent traveller
No more too hard, too soft, too high unhygienic motel or hotel pillows
Single contour suits all body types
Removable cover for easy care

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