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Provides gentle exercise
For use on the floor or a table
Compact & easy to fold for travel
Tension adjustable to suit user
Flexible feet to minimise slipping
Unique multi-function counter

User Instruction booklet

Hire: $40* for the first 4 weeks


Adjustable height seat and adjustable angled handles bars provide greater comfort and biomechanic correctness whilst exercising
The seat height adjustment has a pull and twist screw mechanism making adjustments easy and providing a tighter fit for the seat pole not often found on entry level bikes

Download User Manual (17 page PDF, 1.3 mb)

Hire: $80* for the first 4 weeks


Provides a simple over head pulley system that sits on a door
Ideal for home use


Squiz eggs build strength in fingers, hands, arms and shoulders. They help to achieve stronger grip and improves wrist strength
Ergonomically designed to the shape of an egg, they fit perfectly in the palm of your hand

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