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This mug has a wide stable base with two large contoured and angled handles, which enables it to be held in the correct position for drinking
The lid has a well-designed spout, and matches the Caring Cutlery range
It is useful for those with tremor or who cannot sit upright
The mug is suitable for use in a microwave oven but not recommended for dishwashers
Supplied with either a small aperture for liquids, or a large aperture for semi solids


A tough, clear plastic mug with a large handle
It is supplied with two lids, one for anti-spill, and one with a drinking spout
The mug is dishwasher safe, but not the lid, and can be used in a microwave oven


A range of stainless steel utensils moulded into contoured, ivory-coloured plastic handles with built-up ends
These are of value to those with a weak grip and restricted wrist or finger movement
The knife and fork have a shaped indent on the top for the index finger, to help with directional control
The knife also has a serrated blade to assist with cutting
In addition to the standard spoon, there is a right handed angled spoon with an angled handle to minimise wrist movement
Hygienically sealed, easy to clean and dishwasher safe
Can be subjected to industrial dishwasher temperatures
Length of handle: 127mm.


An ultra lightweight, robust reacher that will assist those with restricted reach and/or mobility problems


This multi-function food preparation unit is designed to provide assistance with many day-to-day kitchen tasks
Based around a tough, durable chopping board measuring 500 x 300m, the workstation also


These stainless steel utensils are mounted on plastic stems and sealed into light grey foam handles, to give help for those with weak or painful grip

• The foam is comfortable to hold and washable
• Not suitable for dishwasher
• Latex free
• Diameter: 28mm
• Handle length: 115mm


A stainless steel knife designed for one
handed eating
The stainless steel knife blade can be
used with a rocker action and the pronged
end used as a fork

Handle length: 100mm
Weight: 54g

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A unique lightweight, robust and wear resistant reacher. Ideal for retrieving or reaching a wide variety of items in the home, garden or out shopping
Available in four lengths, with or without optional extras

Download Pick-Up Reacher instructions


A coated wire cradle that holds most styles of jug kettle, and pivots on a raised wire frame by gentle  pressure on the handle to assist with pouring
The kettle sits in the cradle and is secured by an elasticated strap
The frame has a built in stop for positioning the mug and a back stop to prevent spillage if the kettle is accidentally released during pouring
The frame has non-slip feet. Not suitable for cordless or mini jug kettles


Plastic mug
Double wall for insulation
Keeps content hot but protects the hand
or table top
Large handle assists with gripping
Supplied with a lid with drinking spout
Capacity: 300ml
Weight: 120g


Drink your wine with dignity and style with the Nautspill spill resistant wineglass No longer do you need to worry about movement, the wind, a bump from someone, the kids knocking your glass over or balancing drinks on a tray The Nautspill wineglass takes the worry of spillage away and truly lets you relax and enjoy yourself

• BPA Free
• Crystal Clear
• Greater dishwasher durability
• Greater resistance to cracking or crazing
• Tougher
• Designed in Australia
• Made in New Zealand

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