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This general purpose adjustable spiral lift elastic ankle brace, provides low level orthopaedic support & protection to painful, tired ankles
Ideal as a support for sprained & strained muscles & ligaments. Includes an adjustable closure to assist in simple application & allows variation to compression levels
Retains some body warmth & can increase blood circulation
Fits easily into standard footwear


Designed to hold the finger in a straight or curved fixed position

Finger lengths:
Between 50-80mm fit a MEDIUM
Under 50mm fit a SMALL
Over 80mm fits a LARGE


The Dale Abdominal Binder was developed specifically for postoperative use, Its distinctive stretch panels and VELCRO brand fastener combine to make the Dale Binder the standard for postoperative abdominal support The binder is made entirely from a unique stretch material that distributes compression more evenly around the abdomen, The VELCRO closure can be secured at any point along its circumference, for better patient fit


Palmar wrist splint & fully immobilized thumb splint in one
For MP & CMC joints
Indicated for Rheumatoid
Arthritis & deQuervain’s Syndrome


Rigid hinges minimize excessive medio-lateral movement of the knee joint, while offering excellent support and stability
Made from lightweight medical grade orthopaedic elastic and features front closures for easier application
Top and bottom straps lock the brace in position and minimise movement
A perfect brace for many summer activities and when worn all day

*Measure around the knee cap


The latest injection moulding techniques have been used in the development of the Premium Walker range from elife
All walkers prior to the Premium Air Walker have used hard polypropylene plastic shell to construct the walker
The new Premium Air Walker range introduces dual injection molding to walker design.
The first stage in the injection process uses durable polypropylene
The second injection process uses soft pliable polypropylene in areas that typically cause high pressure points
This reduces the chance of irritation or discomfort, caused from hard edges


Double sided protection for FINGER or TOE tip injury
Excellent multi-purpose splint
Finger lengths:
Bbetween 50-80mm fit a MEDIUM
Under 50mm fit a SMALL
Over 80mm fits a LARGE


Fold splint arms to secure splint without tape
Provides cushioned protection and stability

Finger lengths:
Bbetween 50-80mm fit a MEDIUM
Under 50mm fit a SMALL
Over 80mm fits a LARGE


Enables the user to move an immobile leg when transferring or dressing. Upper loop fits around the hand and wrist, and lower stiffenned loop slides over the foot or show, webbing strap with stiffened stem provides control in lifting the leg.


Delivers unequaled firm compression & soft tissue support
Made of medical grade lightweight neoprene that retains body warmth
Four elastic straps deliver additional support to ligaments
Horse-shoe buttress to stabilise the knee cap
Contoured design for a better fit with two medical and two lateral medical steel stays
Top and bottom anchor straps minimise slippage


Designed to conform to the ankle anatomy and to restrict Inversion and Eversion (rolling of the ankle)
Includes sewn-in spring Steel Medical Stays and consists of two layers of vinyl/nylon material
Elastic heel achieves excellent results in supporting the Achilles’ Tendon
Noticed front allows more free Plantar & Dorsi flexion movement
Unique lining wick perspiration away, leaving you dry & comfortable
Medically provent to be superior to tape
Not bulky in a shoe


For upper teeth protection. Simple boil and bite fit
Available in assorted colours.and includes a storage container

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